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Luxury Morocco Desert Tours

  Morocco Insight Excursions is a local Moroccan desert tours operator. It is based in southeast Morocco in the Sahara of Erg Chebbi. Our company is designed to manage your best desert tours that suit your travel requirements and budgets. We specialize in organizing various types of Morocco desert tours. They start from CasablancaMarrakechTangier, Agadir and Fes. Besides, they highlight Moroccan culture and authenticity as well. Therefore, we offer tailor-made tour packages, such as day trips, private desert tours and grand Morocco desert tours. We aim to make your Morocco trips unforgettable and unique. We also have a team of experienced guides and drivers. They will ensure your comfort, safety and enjoyment. 

 You are welcomed and invited to our Morocco desert tours. You are going to admire and experience multi-cultural Morocco. Morocco is a combination of religious and ethnic traditions. It covers Berber, Arab, Andalusian, Mediterranean, African and Jewish influences. However, the most Moroccan population presents Arab civilization. They settled in Morocco in the 17th century and brought Islam religion with them. Then, the Amazigh (Berber) civilization is considered the indigenous civilization of North Africa. More than that, the language differences reflect the Moroccan culture as well. Regardless of classical Arabic, Arabic dialect and Tamazight (Berber) are the daily languages in Moroccan society. Tamazight language is spoken in the Rif, Atlas and the Souss. Yet, it differs from one region to another one.

 All these different beliefs and traditions have influenced Moroccan culture. That is to say, they definitely make Morocco a unique and multi-cultural country. Briefly, Morocco is a popular tourist destination. It attracts couples and people who love cultures, culinary art and adventures.

Experience Morocco Desert Tours Activities

Welcome to the desert of Erg Chebbi! Enjoy the best that desert has to offer

camel trekking trip

Camel Trekking Trip

Enjoy a camel trekking trip to the camp. Cross the dunes of the Erg Chebbi. And admire the stunning views of the sunset and sunrise. Also, spend a great night at the camp under the starry sky. And be entertained with music around the fire.

4x4 desert activity

4X4 Off-Road Desert Tour

Take a journey into the wild desert with entertainment. Experience 4×4 driving and explore desert areas. The best adventure to meet nomad families. Besides, visit the black desert, the old factories of mine and the lake or the Flamingo’s lake, too.

Merzouga quad biking tour

Buggy/Quad Biking Desert Tours

Venture buggy and quad activity through the dunes. Cross the edge of the dunes. And make stops for photographic views. Experience also off-road biking to figure out the open desert terrain with experts.

Desert Activities

Khamlia Village

It is a village near the dunes of Erg Chebbi. It is inhabited by people originally from Mali. Thus, you will enjoy traditional Gnawa music. And learn their history From slavery to the assimilation to Berber culture.

Morocco desert trekking

Desert Trekking Adventure

Explore the authentic Sahara in Morocco desert tours. Hence, walk in the desert without the Internet and electricity with locals. There is nothing than few camels to carry tents and sleeping bags. So, It is a great experience of Berber nomadic life.

desert yoga

Desert Yoga Therapy

The best place to experience Yoga. Desert is an ideal atmosphere for inspiration and meditation. Practice Yoga therapy in the golden dunes. And then enjoy the silence and the nature of the Sahara desert

Morocco Desert Tours Services

Morocco Family Tours ?

The country of Morocco is recommended to be a unique destination for Morocco Family Tours. Morocco is rightly known for wide beaches, vast golden dunes, Atlas Mountains and authentic history and markets. It is a country of different dynasties and ancient history. It is also a country of mixed cultures and various local food and outdoor activities. Among these activities are camel trekking, sandboarding, desert quads, skiing and others. Consequently, all these features and attractions are suitable for children of any age.

Morocco Group Tours?

Whether you want to travel with more or a few friends, Morocco Insight Excursions is at your service. Thus, Morocco small group tour gives a great personal experience and makes your trip so funny. It is also a great chance to meet new people from different cultures. Set out your Morocco Desert tours with a small group of travelling buddies. You then discover Morocco together in an intimate atmosphere. Select the length of your Morocco trip, cities, activities and then let us arrange your memorable trip in Morocco.

Morocco Couple Tours?

Are you aiming to strengthen and add more romance to your relationship? No need to look further, our Morocco Travel Agency is your mediator. Thus, we offer suitable Morocco desert tours for couples to enjoy their lovely honeymoon. Morocco offers plenty of destinations for couples to experience memories. Our tours include the Blue Pearl City, Merzouga desert and ancient architectural Kasbahs. They also include mountains, imperial cities, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and so on.

Morocco Solo Travel Tours?

Travelling alone in a new country is a big decision. It is not done by anyone. Yet, the ones who do it will witness the enriching experience of life. So, whether you are a female or a male traveller, it is possible to plan your specific Morocco travel. Our Morocco travel company also organises all types of Morocco desert tours for Morocco Solo Travellers confidently and welcoming. Morocco is a country where there are all characteristics for solo travellers. Morocco is your second home!


Comfortable 4x4 vehicles and minibus with air conditioner. And expert guides and drivers who speak your language. We also include the services of pick up and drop off.


Our desert tours also include Architectural accommodation. So, there are standard and luxury hotels, Riads and Kasbahs. And desert camp during the camel trekking trip.

Diverse Destinations

Morocco desert tours highlight different tourist destinations to experience. Hence, you expect photographic views to shot and tourist attractions to explore.

Morocco Desert Tours:

Tangier to Chefchaouen 4 days tour

Tangier to Chefchaouen 4 Days Tour

Discover the Imperial Cities and the North of Morocco

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7 days desert tour from Tangier to Marrakesh

7 Days Desert Tour from Tangier to Marrakech

Experience a Camel Trekking Trip and Visit the Imperial Cities from Tangier to Marrakech

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10 Days Morocco Tour from Tangier

10 Days Morocco Tour From Tangier

We offer cultural and authentic Morocco desert tour via the imperial cites

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15 days Morocco Tours from Tangier

15 Days Morocco Tour from Tangier

Discover the whole Morocco via desert and the imperial cities

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3 days desert tour from Fes

3 Days Desert Tour from Fes

2 nights in desert to experience a camel trip, explore desert areas and travel via the Atlas Mountains

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3 days desert tour from Fes to Marrakech

3 Days Desert Tour from Fes to Marrakech

Travel from Fes to Marrakech through the desert and experience a camel trekking trip

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4 days desert tour from Fes to Marrakech

4 days Desert Tour Fes to Marrakech

Spend 2 nights in desert to explore desert areas the camel trekking trip in Berber camp

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2 days desert tour from Marrakech to Zagora

2 days desert tour from Marrakech to Zagara

Experience a cultural desert tour to Zagora and the High Atlas Mountains

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3 days from Marrakech to Merzouga

3 Days Desert Tour from Marrakech to Merzouga

Customized cultural trip to Merzouga desert through Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah for a camel trip

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3 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

3 Days Desert Tour from Marrakech to Fes

Private desert tour to the Sahara of Merzouga for a camel trekking trip

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4 days tour from Marrakech to Merzouga

4 Days Desert Tour from Marrakech to Merzouga

Spend 2 night in Merzouga desert and experience a camel trip and visit nomads

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4 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

4 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes

Customized cultural tour to the desert with a camel trip and travel via the Atlas Mountains

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10 days tour from Marrakech

10 days tour from Marrakech

Experience the authentic and cultural Morocco from the north to the southeast

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5 days tour from Casablanca

5 Days Tour from Casablanca

cultural trip to the north of Morocco. Discover the charming cities

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7 days tour from Casablanca

7 days tour from Casablanca

Customized 7 days desert tour through the desert of Merzouga

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10 days tour from Casablanca

10 days from Casablanca

Experience a cultural and authentic trip to the imperial cities and the desert

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15 days tour from Casablanca

15 days tour from Casablanca

The best grand 15 days in desert tours. Explore the authentic Morocco.

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7 days tour from Fes

Fes to Marrakech 7 days tour

Travel from Fes to Marrakech via Merzouga desert and Agadir in 7 days tour

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5 days tour from Marrakech

5 days tour Marrakech to Merzouga

Desert tour via Atlas Mountains for 2 nights in Merzouga

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5 days tour from Marrakech to Fes

5 days tour Marrakech to Fes

Enjoy travelling from Marrakech to Fes via Atlas Mountain and Merzouga desert

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12 days tour from Casablanca

12 Days tour from Casablanca

Grand Morocco tour via Tangier, imperial cities, Merzouga and Essaouira

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5 days desert tour Fes to Marrakech

5 Days Tour Fes to Marrakech

Travel via Atlas Mountains and spend 2 nights in desert

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4 days tour from Agadir

4 days tour from Agadir

Explore desert and explore tourist sites in the Atlas Mountains

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7 days tour from Agadir

7 days tour from Agadir

Travel from Agadir to desert via Marrakech, Essaouira and Atlas Mountains.

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5 Days Tour from Tangier to Marrakech

5 days tour from Tangier to Marrakech

Travel from Tangier to Marrakech and experience camel trip

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5 days tour from Agadir

5 days desert tour from Agadir

Travel to the southeast of Morocco via Marrakech and Atlas Mountains

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