Morocco camel trekking trip

It is impossible to travel to Morocco without visiting the desert. The Sahara of Er Chebbi is a popular tourist destination that attracts travellers from all over the world. That is to say, there are many desert activities arranged to uncover the hidden desert through its golden dunes and the black desert. For example, you can ride quads or buggies and 4×4 desert trips. Of course, all that offers you the chance to discover what is in the desert. However, Morocco camel trekking trip is the best activity you have to experience. It combines both culture and nature. Camel trekking trip also allows you to experience the mean of transport of the nomads. Travel never like before and go back to a different period.

In Morocco camel trekking activity, we offer camel trekking trip options according to your needs. We arrange a day to multi-day camel trekking trip. Thus, there is one day program by which you will visit nomads on the border and have lunch there(Berber pizza), then come back in the evening. Moreover, we offer 2 days camel trekking trip. Here, you will spend a night at the camp and visit nomads the next day. lunch is included there and you come back to the hotel in the evening. Finally, a 3 days desert trip is also provided. A night will be at the camp. You continue the trip to nomads after breakfast the other day. Another night is with them and exploring the area and being back at the hotel the next day. The shower is in the hotel.

1 Day Camel Trip to Nomads

The day trip will start in the morning from your accommodation. So, you will ride camels and travel through the dunes. Your camel guide will stop at any place you would like to have pictures. You discover the area of nomad families who live in hand-made tents. There will be enough time there and enjoy Berber pizza for lunch. In the evening, you will be back in a different way. Besides, there is enough time to catch the stunning view of the sunset on the top of the dunes. Finally, Morocco camel trekking trip ends after you arrive at the hotel.

A night at the Camp

This is another possibility to spend a night at the camp. We arrange your camel trip from your accommodation near the dunes. Hence, the camel will be packed with everything needed and the trip starts in the late afternoon. It will take around 1:30 hours to reach the camp. It is a great chance to admire the sunset, starry sky, Milky Way and sunrise. After having delicious food, locals will entertain you with music around the fire. We hope the weather is clear to enjoy the sunrise and come back by camel or 4×4. The breakfast and shower will be in the hotel.

2 Days Trip via the camp and the Nomads

The trip will start in the evening from the hotel or Riad. Cross the dunes and enjoy the quiet desert. The camel guide will stop in the middle of the dunes to watch a magical sunset. Also, there is a chance to experience sandboarding. After dinner at the camp, you will be entertained by music around the fire and enjoy your night under the starry sky. On the next day, you will move to the nomads after breakfast. The simplicity and smile of the nomads will bring happiness into your heart. Berber pizza tea from lunch is there and admire the black desert view. Thereafter, the enjoyment of the sunset is on your way to the hotel.

3 Days Camel Trip and 4x4 Excursion

The camel trip will set off in the afternoon. As usual, you cross the dunes and enjoy the sunset and sandboarding. At the camp, you will enjoy local food and drums around the fire. In the morning, your trip will be in the nomads and you have lunch there. In addition, your camel guide will lead you to visit the mine of Mifis in the black desert near the border. It is a daily work adventure deep in the ground at 30 m where the mines are. After that, you will be back to have a night with nomads. On the following day, you will have breakfast and ride the camel back to the hotel. 

In the afternoon, you will experience 4×4 driving to figure out other desert areas. Firstly, we will drive you to visit Khamlia village. It is a village inhabited by black-skinned people from Mali and Niger. They play traditional Gnawa music to visitors, then we visit the lake. It is also called Flamingo’s lake. It not only attracts visitors, but also different kinds of birds, such as ducks, doves, and flamingos… Furthermore, we will visit one of the palm tree groves. Finally, Morocco camel trekking trip ends after we drop you off at your accommodation. 

What is Included:
  • Accommodation where to leave your luggage
  • Shower, Dinner and Breakfast
  • Park for your car(if needed)
  • Lunch in Nomads
  • Desert Camp and Nomad Tents
  • Camel for each 
  • Excursion by 4×4 (In 3 days trip)
  • Bottle of Water
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