Morocco Travel FAQs

Morocco Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Many tourists want to travel to Morocco, but they post questions about things to prepare for their Morocco trips. Therefore, Morocco Insight Excursions selects important and useful Morocco travel frequently asked questions for travellers to know before they travel to Morocco. 

This is one of the most Morocco travel frequently asked questions. Thus, we advise you to have travel insurance wherever you go. The right travel insurance will cover the cost of medical bills in case you are sick or injured during your trip to Morocco and need private treatment.

 The travel insurance should also comprise cancellation cover. This might help you if you need to cancel or shorten your trip because of illness or family issues. Besides, the same cover means you can claim back funds if you need to get an emergency flight home as well. However, if you have to shorten your trip, you have to tell your insurance provider before you head home. They will need to know the reason before deciding whether to pay the costs.

Tourists from other countries like Canada or the United States do not need a visa for up to 90 days. But, a valid passport is obligatory.

The best time is in spring. From March to May, or autumn, from September to October. The weather is warm and wonderful. It is not like the cold temperatures and snow of winter or the burning heat of summer. However, you can visit the coastal regions throughout the year.

This is an interesting topic in Morocco Travel frequently asked questions. Morocco is a safe country for worldwide travellers. However, pickpockets can happen in bustling public zones like markets and  violent crimes are rare in Morocco

You have to know that there are tourist police officers in cities.

In case you are in tourist places, you can almost wear everything. Yet, young females may face catcalls or whistles if they travel alone. Therefore, we advise you to dress conservatively and avoid wearing smaller than expected skirts.

Many tourists talk about tap water in Morocco. It is normal for locals to drink this water. If you come from another country, you have to use mineral water. As you are not used to drinking Moroccan tap water, your body might react to different bacteria that are in this tap water

In terms of smoking, you can smoke in places where it is permitted.  Even though Muslims are illegal to drink alcohol, Morocco is a moderate Islamic nation and you are likely to feel free to drink in private places.

Your driver can take you to stores where alcohol is sold if you want to take it to the desert at the camp 

This is also one of the main Morocco travel frequently asked questions. It is not required for tourists to have vaccinations in Morocco. However, depending on your health, your doctor may recommend having a vaccination against typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis, and meningitis…

The Internet is available in Morocco. You can buy a local SIM card at the airport or anywhere in the cities. Yet, it costs a small amount of money to use the network for calls and texts.

You can also have WiFi for free in airports, accommodations and cafes…

The Moroccan currency is Dirham (MAD). And you can use dollars and euros in Morocco. Some cafes, bars, and restaurants accept credit cards while some shops accept cash and MAD. Thus, we recommend you use an ATM on your arrival at the airport and/or in other cities to have enough cash in case you have to use it.

You can check currency rates here

Moroccan cuisine is one of the famous cuisines all over the world. It is influenced and mixed with other cultural arts of Amazigh, Arab, Andalusian, and Mediterranean cuisines. Thus, you will expect different delicious vegetarian dishes, such as Tajine, couscous, soups, and salad…

Our Morocco Travel Services FAQs

Our Morocco travel company offers expertise and experience. However, perhaps the best reason to book with us is our genuine passion for Morocco and our commitment to sharing that passion with others. With careful planning, we strive to give our clients the best possible experiences and moments to make their tours unforgettable. Further, we are committed to showing you many sides of this beautiful and cultural country.

We do ask for a deposit of 30% to make reservations and make everything ready for your trip. You can pay the deposit through Paypal or Western Union. And then you can pay the full balance in cash on your arrival, using MAD, Dollar or Euro.

We normally offer 2, 3, or 4-star Medina riads, Auberges and hotels. The hotels include a full breakfast and many include dinner. Besides, we use traditional mud kasbahs. Many of them have wood-burning chimneys, air conditioning, salons and roof terraces for meals and relaxing. They are wonderful and comfortable but tend to be cold during winter in higher heights mountain areas or desert. In Marrakech, Essaouira and Fes, we use architectural Riads remodelled from ancient Moroccan houses in the old medinas. And we use modern accommodations in other cities like Casablanca.

We use comfortable 4×4 cars, like Toyota Land Cruiser with an air conditioner. They have a large space and can accommodate 4 and 5 average-sized people in complete comfort. We also use minibuses with a capacity of 14 or 17 passengers for group tours. All of them are 5 years old and are routinely required to obtain licensing and service checks through the Moroccan Tourist Transport Authority

Our Morocco Travel FAQs  Services include:
  • Pick up and drop off service
  • Transportation with A/C and Fuel
  • Accommodation
  • English/Spanish/Italian driver/ Guide
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Official guide in Medinas
  • Camel for each and the camp
Our Morocco travel FAQs services exclude:
  • Personal expenses
  • Entrance Fees
  • Lunches and drinks
  • Flight tickets
  • Tips

Of course, you can customize your own tour if our program tours do not suit your needs. So, you can contact us to modify and change any tour according to your requirements and needs.

If you want to cancel any Morocco tour, we must receive a confirmation through email. It is possible to cancel, but there are terms and conditions:

  • Cancelling one months or more before the date you start your tour is 100% refundable
  • 2 weeks before the date you start the  tour: 50% refunds
  • Cancelling in one week or less: no refundable

These are the most confusing Morocco travel frequently asked questions. However, you can contact us for more Morocco travel FAQs about our Morocco desert tours services or about Morocco in general.

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