Top Moroccan Dishes

Moroccan dishes

Moroccan dishes are among the signature food in Moroccan cuisine. They are also dishes that consist of the original and beautiful Moroccan heritage. That is to say, Moroccan cuisine is the best advantage that Morocco has to offer all over the world. It is among the dishes that are very close to the rest of the Arab world. However, Moroccan cuisine has gathered beauty and authenticity from all sides. Moroccan cuisine has been one of the most brilliant and varied in the world. Besides, Influences and various cultures (Arabic, Andalusian and Amazigh) make Moroccan dishes famous, especially in the tourist domain. Hence, these are the main Moroccan dishes you should experience and try on your Morocco tours.

Top Food in Moroccan Dishes

Moroccan  couscous


This is cultural and the main food you must try in your travelling in Morocco. Thus, Couscous is a popular dish in Moroccan society prepared on Fridays. It is made from wheat or cornflour in the form of small grains eaten by a spoon or by hand. Besides, the preparation of couscous takes different recipes in all the Maghreb countries. There are many types of couscous, such as vegetable couscous with different types of meat, Mesfouf, date couscous and sausage couscous. It also includes bean couscous with olive oil, barley couscous, fish couscous and seafood couscous. The history of this unique Morocco dish dates back to the third century BC when it was a daily meal for Berbers. UNESCO inscribed the skills, experiences and practices of the production and consumption of couscous on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Make it in your Moroccan dishes list.

Moroccan Tagine
Tajine Dish

Tagine or Tajine is one of the main Moroccan dishes. It is a pot of clay characterized by its ability to preserve the nutritional values of the food cooked in it. Moreover, it consists of two parts, a concave plate-shaped base and a conical lid that allows steam to condense during cooking. Moroccan Tagine is easy to prepare as the ingredients are always available, especially because the Tagine dish can be made in more than one way and with different ingredients. That is to say,  you can turn everything into Tagine food, using chicken, meat, fish, vegetables and meat with fruits.

Some typical tagine dishes include lamb with raisins, plums almonds or with dates. It is also made with chicken with olives and lemons or chicken with dried apricots and meatballs/ kefta with tomatoes and eggs.  So, Tagine food differs from one region to another in the Moroccan countries. It is one of the principal Moroccan dishes in the tourist domain.

Moroccan soup
Moroccan Soup/ Harira

Soup is a delicious Moroccan dish made from flour, lentils, chickpeas, tomato and spices. There are other vegetables that locals use, like parsley, onion and garlic… It contains many nutrients beneficial to the human body. Furthermore,  It is one of the staples of Moroccan cuisine, especially in  Ramadan (Holly month). In addition to that, you find soup with beef, lamb or chicken which gives the broth its flavour. This means there is no single recipe for the Harira dish. Some people like to blend the ingredients to make it completely smooth and spicy, while others like it simple. It is a popular traditional food to try in Moroccan dishes.

Bastilla in Morocco


Bastilla is the name for a very thin dough paper, called pastilla paper is originally phyllo dough. Hence, it is mostly prepared with fish, almonds or chicken. Locals serve it at Moroccan events such as weddings and banquets. It is also a main dish that stands out for its delicious flavour and many benefits thanks to its rich ingredients. In addition to that, these Moroccan dishes are ideal for the autumn season. It is believed to increase stamina and make the body more energetic. Bastilla chicken has spread from Morocco to all Arab countries. It is possible to make Bastilla chips at home or buy them ready-made.

Moroccan  Bessara
Besara soup

Besara is a famous Moroccan soup made from dried and peeled beans. Thus, this soup is rich in protein and is often served with bread for breakfast, especially in winter. Locals eat it most in the north to protect themselves from cold weather and have energy. In such cold climates, eating warm foods gives your body energy, unlike in other seasons. It was a meal for the poor, but it is now among the Moroccan dishes of social classes in homes and restaurants. Although it is one of the most affordable and cheapest foods, it has high nutritional value. If you visit Chefchaouen on your Morocco trip, make sure to taste this unique dish with olive oil and bread.

Moroccan Salads

Moroccan Salads

Salads are the light starters served before the main meal. They give the body energy and vitality. Some Moroccan salads are cooked vegetables while others are raw. You can have it fresh or hot. Thus, Moroccan salads consist of tomatoes, and onions seasoned with spices and black olives. Among these saladas is Zaalouk or aubergine. It is fried aubergines with tomato sauce, roasted peppers, garlic and spices. Moreover, Taktouka is a grilled tomato salad with roasted sweet green peppers. A Moroccan cigar is a paper or pasta pie with beef and vegetables wrapped in a longitudinal shape like a cigarette. It is also one of the specialities of the Ramadan table in Moroccan cuisine.

Marrakech Tangia
Tangia Food

Tangia is one of the local Moroccan dishes. This dish takes its name from a clay pot in which it is cooked. Besides, these kinds of clay pots stay in charcoal and ash for up to 5 hours, allowing the food to cook slowly. Thus, it is a common dish in Marrakech city. This Moroccan dish dates back to the history of the Saadian time. Artisans and salt merchants always met for sitting in the gardens or green areas in the city to share this unique dish. Since then Tangier has been something important in meetings and events. It is delicious food. It is also made with meat, garlic, cumin, saffron, lemon and butter. Locals usually cook it in traditional ovens and serve it as a hot meal to guests.

msemen in Morocco

Msemen is one of the most famous and beloved Moroccan dishes. It is a delicious fried bread classified as a Moroccan pastry. Thus, it is a traditional flatbread that Moroccans usually consume twice a day. It is either for breakfast or as a mid-afternoon snack or teatime. Locals make it from flour, semolina, sugar, salt, yeast, hot water, oil and melted butter. They then knead the mixed dough to be smooth. After that, they flatten and shape into squares. You can also eat it stuffed with vegetables and meat. Msemen is also one of the main Moroccan dishes during Ramadan. Msemen is a kind of food that you prepare in advance and put in the freezer. You only need to warm it up in a few minutes on the stove or in the oven.

These are some of the popular dishes you may discover in Moroccan cuisine. Moroccan food varies and is inspired by local traditions. Therefore, you can come across more foods, depending on the place you visit or explore. If you are a Jewish traveller, you can find Moroccan Kosher food. Check Morocco Jewish tours to visit Jewish sites in Morocco.

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