Honeymoon In Morocco

Honeymoon in Morocco

A honeymoon in Morocco is one of the best experiences in the country. Thus, Morocco is an ideal destination for a unique romantic trip. This country contains all the conditions for a romantic trip for lovers. It offers lovely Atlantic coast, exotic Atlas Mountains nature and golden desert dunes. Besides, couples will experience new cultures, enjoy beautiful markets/ Souks, taste the most delicious and traditional cuisine and visit the tourist attractions. Here are some places you should include in your Honeymoon vacation in Morocco.

Destinations for honeymoon in Morocco

honeymoon in desert

Merzouga Desert

You must visit the desert to add more romance to your relationship. Merzouga desert is extremely romantic itself. The desert stretches along the southern border of the country. It is a special place that couples will enjoy most on their honeymoon in Morocco. The clear sky provides a romantic experience under the starry sky and Milky Way. Also, the views of the sunrise and sunset are magical. In the sandy dunes, you will experience a camel trekking trip and enjoy the silence of the desert. The best way to experience romance in the Sahara is to spend a night in a desert camp and under the starry sky

honeymoon in Marrakech


Marrakech or the Red City has been famous for its beauty and historical tourist attractions. Its history dates back thousands of years. That means you will enjoy an old atmosphere on your honeymoon holiday in Morocco. Thus, the city consists of the antique architectural palaces, gardens and luxurious homes that are Riads now. There are also many landmarks to visit in Marrakech. You can visit colourful and beautiful gardens, such as Majorelle Garden and Menara Gaden. Other historical monuments are Koutoubia Mosque, Saadian Tombs and Bahia Place. However, Jamaa El Fena Square is one of the best sites to explore new cultures and activities. Without forgetting the old Medina, it is an important tourist site in Marrakech. It is the most charming place with its narrow streets and local markets that charm you with the beauty and diversity of traditional products.

honeymoon in Chefchaouen


If you are looking for an extraordinary honeymoon in Morocco, don’t miss a visit to Chefchaouen then. Chefcaouen, the Blue Pearl City, is a mountain town in northern Morocco. All the buildings and streets are blue, offering a romantic atmosphere for lovers. The magical influence of this city dates back to the 15th-century city. Therefore, lovers can spend a whole day wandering the narrow streets lined with native crafts. Besides, lovers can book a room on the top floor in some of the fancy Riads to view the sunset from the balcony. Most tourist attractions in Chefchaouen reflect Andalusian Islamic architecture. For example, you can visit the Spanish Mosque, Museum Kasbah and Outa Al-Hammam Square. On this square, couples can enjoy traditional food and enjoy watching the mountains.



Essaouira is considered one of the oldest Moroccan cities. It provides comfort and relaxation for tourists on a honeymoon holiday in Morocco. In Essaouira, you will relax and enjoy romance and various entertainment activities. The city also offers an authentic architectural style, and it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. As it is called the Wind City, Essaouira is famous for surfing activity. If you are fond of surfing, this is your perfect site. In addition to that, you attend the Gnaoua festival. It takes place each year, and it hosts different kinds of music, both international and local. The best place to watch the sunset is on the ramparts. Despite the passing of centuries, these walls remain strong. They are the most magnificent tourist sites in the city and the Atlantic region.



Do not forget to visit Fes city on your honeymoon trip in Morocco. Fes is the oldest city in Morocco and one of the imperial cities. Besides, the city is cultural and scientific in Morocco. Idris II founded this city in 789. He also identified it as the capital of Morocco during his rule. In Fes, couples should be in the old Medina, Fes El Bali and the new Medina, Fes El-Jadid. The couple can walk through the narrow streets of old Medina.
The Medina offers medieval Marinid architecture, vibrant souks, and an atmosphere. Also, this Medina has the oldest university in the world, the University of Al-Qarawiyyin. In addition to that, there are other sites, like Mellah district, gardens and the Bouanania and Attarine Schools. The Royal Palace is another attraction where to take pictures together. It is distinguished by its lovely doors of unusual design and ornate mosaic art. It is also known for its massive copper doors, rather than coloured cedarwood to embellish the ceiling.



Casablanca is a meeting point for races and nationalities. It is the largest city in terms of land and people. Also, it is one of the best destinations that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. This city presents historical landmarks that couples should visit, like the Hassan II Mosque. This Mosque was built over the sea in 1993. Furthermore, it is the largest mosque and the second-largest in Africa. The mosque has an Andalusian-style minaret and beautiful ceramic mosaic artwork on the columns and walls. The great news is that couples can enter this mosque even if they are not Muslims. Also, a couple has a variety of hotels for all budgets within the city and near the beach.



During your honeymoon in Morocco, do not forget to include Tangier Morocco tours. In this city, you will surround yourself with authentic culture and vibrant nightlife. Hence, Tangier blends Arab, Islamic, and Western influences from art, architecture, cuisine, and music. Besides, it is a perfect city where you will find the ideal tourist areas for honeymoon and relaxing along the coastal side. There are beaches and parks, such as Playa Blanca and Rmilat Park. If you are a couple who loves cultures and history, you can also visit heritage landmarks, like Kasbah Museum, American Legation Museum and Hercules Caves. In addition to that, some romantic restaurants and cafes overlook coats and parks.

morocco Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains

If you are a couple who enjoys mountains and adventures, you can visit the Atlas Mountains. The Atlas Mountains (High or Anti-Atlas Mountains) are the best Morocco destinations. On the high peaks and the shadow of valleys, you enjoy the fresh air and spend a night with locals. It is also the best chance to experience and explore Moroccan hospitality and authentic culture.

The best time for honeymoon in Morocco

Morocco has a reputation for being a hot destination. The heat is high in the desert areas during the summer season from June to August. However, the northern coast and the Rif Mountains have a temperate Mediterranean climate with long sunny days. During the winter months from November to February, average highs in the south are warm, but temperatures rise in the evening. During the winter, northern Morocco experiences humidity and cloudiness.


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