Things To Do In Marrakech

Things to do in Marrakech Jemaa el fnaa

Marrakech city is one of ancient Morocco’s imperial cities. It is also one of the busiest tourist destinations in Morocco. The city was founded in 1062 to be the imperial capital of the Almoravid Empire. During the 12th Century, the Almoravid built many monuments. They reflect the Andalusian design to be an impressive city. Moreover, Marrakech takes the name of the Red City. In the time of the Almoravids Empire, many buildings were constructed on red sandstone. Besides, the history, culture, architecture and bright colours present the authenticity of the city. That is to say, the city offers the best things to do. Here are the common things you should not miss during your Morocco tours from Marrakech.

The best things To Do In Marrakech

Jemaa El-Fnaa

It is the main square time beside the Medina. It is the main square time beside the Medina. Thus, Jamaa El-Fna is a place for locals and tourists throughout the day. In the afternoon, the square presents snack charmers, Barbary monkeys, orange juice stalls and water sellers. However, the square becomes a local food stall at night. It offers tagines, couscous, skewers and spiced soup with lentils and chickpeas.

things to do in Marrakech old Medina

The Old Medina

The old Medina is the cultural and economic centre of the city. Besides, it is home to most tourist attraction that dates back to the Almoravid era. Getting lost in the maze of Medina is the best experience. Therefore, you will admire everything you come across. The vibrant souk and narrow streets with thousands of handicrafts offer many things to enjoy. So, the old Median is one of the best things to visit in Marrakech.

Koutoubia Mosque

The mosque is the most landmark in Marrakech. It is visible thanks to its striking tall minaret tower at 77 m. Thus, it is the largest mosque in Marrakech that in Almoravid Caliph founded in 1147. The mosque lies near Jemaa El-Fnaa. And it is decorated with different geometric arch motifs. Non-Muslim tourists cannot enter, but you admire its architecture and walk around the beautiful garden.

things to visit in Marrakech

Saadian Tombs

The Saadian tombs are the historical royal necropolis in this city. During the Saadian dynasty, the Saadian members continued to be buried in these tombs. Hence, Sultan Ahmed El-Mansour decided to build memorials to honour lives that were close to him. And of course, it includes a specific place for him to rest in his death. The necropolis is the most tourist attraction in Marrakech. It offers a garden and architectural design, too.

things to explore in Marrakech

Bahia Palace

It is one of the grand and most beautiful places in Marrakech. Si Musa is one of the black families who served the Morocco Army in 1859. He had begun to build the construction before he died. However, his son, Ahmed Ibn Musa, continued building the place during the 19th century to commemorate his wife, Bahia. Today, it is an artistic masterpiece that presents the Andalusian Moroccan culture and history.

what to visit in Marrakech
Jardin Majorelle

The garden is one of the most charming gardens in Morocco. The French artist, Jacques Majorelle created this Jarden almost forty years. It is an environment with outer walls consisting of different alleyways. In addition, it consists of colourful buildings that combine Art Deco and Moorish influences. Besides, the Garden offers a beautiful view and a relaxing atmosphere.

El Badi Palace

The  Saadian Sultan, Ahmed Al-Manson, built this palace to celebrate his victory. It was against the Portuguese army in 1578 in the Battle of Three Kings. However, Sultan Moulay Ismail took the wealth in this palace in 1696 to build the imperial city of Meknes. Nothing is left, but a huge courtyard of carved gardens with orange trees and high walls. 

Dar El Bacha Museum

Because of its size and lack of popularity compared to other attractions in Marrakech, there aren’t many visitors here. Tammy Galawi was a powerful governor of Marrakech in the early 1900s. He used the structure as a unique residence. Notable European visitors like Winston Churchill were here before. Thus, the museum contains trees, a fountain, and several modest apartments in the main courtyard. Besides, the tiles’ craftsmanship is excellent and the columns provide a sense of luxury. Temporary exhibits are displayed in rooms outside the main courtyard. The structure also has a coffee store with unique combinations.

Menara Garden

The free and larger public garden in Marrakech. The Almoravid dynasty established this garden in the 12th century. The green tile roof of the pavilion and the tall arches present a sense of elegance. Also, the garden is a real natural treasure, stretching more than 100 acres. It consists of a large pool and pavilion surrounded by olive and palm plantations. Therefore, It is a popular park where families enjoy the peace and escape the bustling city.

Other activities in Marrakech

These are the most activities in Marrakech. You can contact us to book any activities you would like to experience.

Desert tour from Marrakech

One of the best and short desert tours is 3 days tour from Marrakech. On this Marrakech excursion, you will explore tourist attractions and the Atlas Mountains. Thus, you will visit Ait Ben Haddou, Atlas Studio, and Rose City and spend a night in Dades Valley. Then you visit Todra Gorges and experience a camel trip in Merzouga. Next, you drive back to Marrakech via Draa Valley and the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Check more details here 3 days desert tour from Marrakech.

Marrakech hot air balloon ride

The hot air balloon ride in Marrakech shows the city’s secrets. And it presents an unusual perspective on its eternal beauty. Flying over Marrakech in a hot air balloon offers a memorable and exciting experience. Thus, whether you’re looking for adventure, romance, or simply a moment of peace, try this Marrakech activity. Every moment, the view from the hot air balloon is different. It highlights the varied environment around Marrakech. You will admire the Atlas Mountains peaks that are covered with snow. Also, you will enjoy the endless desert plains and valleys covered in palm trees that are directly below you.

Traditional Moroccan Hammam bath

One of the most activities in Marrakech is taking a traditional Hammam bath. For appropriate bathroom cleaning, traditional Hammams are popular locations for both men and women. However, Men and women are separated. Moroccan Hammams are important since they are a highly traditional and frequent practice that dates back hundreds of years. Moroccans are still using them today.

Visit Agafay Desert

If you do not have enough days to visit the Merzouga or Zagora desert, then you can visit the Agafay desert. This desert offers a variety of dunes, rocky outcrops, and beautiful vistas. Moreover, there are activities in the Agafay desert, such as camel rides and quad/ buggy rides. This Marrakech desert is only around 45 minutes from the Marrakech centre. So, you can go there
on small group tours or private tours.

Marrakech city tour

On a guided tour, our guide will walk you around the narrow streets of Marrakech Medina. You will explore all the tourist attractions in Marrakech, including the attractions we mentioned above

Tourist Accommodations in Marrakech

Accommodations in Marrakech are impressive as the city has a rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. Traditional Riads are among the most popular accommodations for tourists. They are typical Moroccan houses with a garden and a terrace. These Riads also offer an authentic and private experience with their technical works and calm ambience.

High-end hotels and resorts are available in Marrakech, making it a perfect choice for those seeking luxury. These locations have excellent facilities such as spa services, swimming pools and fine dining. Numerous of these facilities are found in the Palmereries surroundings, encircled by luxuriant palm trees and providing a tranquil haven away from the city centre. Check for different Marrakech accommodations that suit your budget.

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