Moroccan Beaches

beaches in Morocco

 Are you planning a holiday trip to Morocco for Moroccan beaches? Morocco not only offers amazing tourist attractions, but it also has fantastic beaches. Morocco provides beaches for everyone, whether you wish to surf or just relax. A million tourists from all over the world travel to Morocco throughout the year to enjoy beaches. Thus, Morocco’s coastline is lined with beautiful beaches to fulfil everyone’s interests. This coastline stretches along both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. It is impossible to choose the best one as long as all Moroccan beaches are attractive. During the summer, the best Moroccan beaches are crowded with locals who enjoy seaside vacations. However, the beaches are empty in other seasons. Thus, there are many amazing spots, beaches, and resorts that you should visit at least once on your Moroccan desert tours.

The Best Moroccan Beaches to Visit

 Morocco provides beaches to satisfy all interests, whether you wish to surf or simply rest. Morocco has ideal weather for a beach holiday. The Moroccan Atlantic coastline is almost 3,000 kilometres and the Mediterranean coastline is around 400 kilometres. Every Morocco beach traveller can enjoy different beach views and activities. Here are some common Moroccan beaches:

Saidia Beach

 The Saidia Beach is also the Blue Pearl Beach in Morocco. Saidia Beach is located in northeast Morocco near the Algerian border. For many years, the city has been a popular Moroccan beach holiday. Regardless of age, gender, or interests, this beach is enjoyable. Nature lovers, for example, will like the rich flora that surrounds the beach. And architectural admirers will appreciate the beauty of the city harbour. Also, those who are looking for a good time will enjoy the caf├ęs, nightclubs, and discos. In addition, travellers can experience activities in a particularly designated beachfront bay. For example, there are table tennis, volleyball, golf and water skiing or anything else. On the beach, you can get access to nice facilities, such as umbrellas and sun loungers. Makes it one of the Moroccan beaches!!

Agadir tours
Agadir Beach

 Agadir, Morocco’s harbour city, is the most popular bathing destination. The city’s airport is easily accessible through direct flights from Europe. Agadir is also the country’s sunniest city. With 300 days of sunlight a year, your beach holiday here is quite unlikely to fail. The beach extends from the port almost to the Sousse River. This sandy beach is 10 kilometres long and is accompanied by a lengthy beach promenade. Here, there are hotels and restaurants and the marina. It has everything a vacationer’s heart desires.
The best time to surf Agadir beach is from October to March when the waves are strongest. But if you are still a beginner, you can surf here anytime. The Atlantic Ocean’s waves crash on golden sands. They create the perfect swimming and surfing environment. Water skiing and windsurfing championships are held every May due to this area’s excellent water sports conditions.

Legzira beaches
Legzira Beach (Sidi Ifni)

 The beach is located in the south of Morocco in the Legzira village. It is around 10 kilometres from Sidi Ifni and 150 kilometres from Agadir. Legzira Beach is listed among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Besides, it takes the name of “Rock Arch Beach”. And it is s one of Africa’s most gorgeous beaches have earned high praise among beach tourists. Its natural arcs of red clay and sand go straight into the ocean and are washed by steep waves. There were two arches here, but one fell in late 2016. It was one of the four Elephant arches. The second arch is in danger because the red sandstone it’s made from is still being eroded by the ocean.
Legzira Beach is one of the beaches in Morocco for kiteboarding and surfing activities. On the weekends, most locals visit this beach for picnics and sunbathing. One of the best moments here is the sunset when the red arc lights up in the last rays of the sun.

the best Moroccan beaches
Essaouira Beach

 Do you want to visit one of the Moroccan beaches and some of the ancient landmarks at the same time? One of the popular destinations in the country for combining the two is Essaouira. Essaouira is an old town with a long history. In the 1960s, the hippie movement made Essaouira one of their favourite vacation destinations. There are several places where you can discover the local environment and Moroccan culture. Today, its major port city attracts many tourists from all over the world. Essaouira Beach is known for its peaceful environment and stunning sands. The beach is a wonderful place to experience Moroccan local food and admire coastal views.
 Essaouira weather offers continuously high winds along this coast. Thus, sunbathers should be aware that Essaouira is not an ideal area for a Morocco sunny holiday. However, it is a suitable destination for all kinds of surfing. If you start your tours from Marrakech, then you can visit Essaouira Beach.

Sidi Kaouki Beach in Morocco

Sidi Kaouki Beach

 Sidi Kaouki is a Berber village around 25 km south of Essaouira. It is a village that offers a quiet and simple life. Thus, Sidi Kaouki Beach is a lesser-known beach where you cant find crowds. The beach is characterized by large waves, which makes it a popular surfing destination in Morocco. There are cafes and restaurants around the beach if you want to enjoy local food and relax. There are also sunbeds here if you want to relax and enjoy the sun. In addition to that, you can experience some activities like horse and camel rides and ATVs in the nearby dunes.

Dakhla beach
 Dragon Beach, Dakhla

 Dragon Beach is located in Morocco’s paradise of Dakhla in the Western Sahara. The dragon island in the Dakhla Peninsula is where crystal pure Atlantic waves meet white sandy dunes. The dunes resemble dragon peaks that are directed into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. And the big rocks resemble spikes and spots on the peaks. This is the reason for naming it Dragon Beach. This Dragon Beach provides stunning views of the endless brilliant blue Atlantic Ocean. White sand covers the beaches, and large stones in the water can be at the foot of Dragon Beach’s peaks. On this beautiful beach, you can find turtles, seals, dolphins and migrating birds such as flamingos. This beach is also a popular destination for windsurfers because of the strong wind. Dakhla hosts the world-famous kitesurfing tournament every year. all that can make you enjoy one of the Morocco beaches.

Asilah Beach

Asilah Beach

 Asilah is one of the charming cities in Morocco. So, it is a small coastal and artistic town that presents colourful paintings and street art. During the summer, this whitewashed city of Asilah comes alive. Most Moroccans who live in the north come to visit Asilah and enjoy its beaches. Also, Spanish tourists who just live in Spanish cities near Morocco come here. Many different tourists come to spend their Moroccan beach vacations here because there are unique beaches in Asilah. Here, you can find private chairs with umbrellas where you can relax before you swim and enjoy other activities. Most of the tours from Tangier lead to Asilah town.

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