Things To Do In Rabat

Things to do in Rabat

Along with things to do in Rabat, you will have a short history of the city. Therefore, Rabat is one of the imperial cities in Morocco. It is also the administrative capital city of Morocco. The Almohad ruler established the city in the 12th century as a ribat or citadel for his army near Salé. However, another Almohad ruler, Yaqub Al-Mansur, moved the capital to Rabat during the 18th century. He constructed the city’s walls and made it the base for his conquests of North Africa.

During the French invasion of Morocco, the French officer decided to move the capital of Morocco from Fes to Rabat. And then Rabat was the administrative capital city and the official home of the king. Morocco achieved independence under the French. On this day, Morocco celebrates the return of the king, Mohamed V, after being in exile. Besides, he kept the city as the capital kingdom of Morocco.

Common Things to Do in Rabat

The history of Rabat is still visible in most monuments. Tourists travel to Morocco, visiting these historical cities. They discover the monuments that reflect and present their history. In Morocco trips like 10 days tour from Casablanca, you can visit Rabat city. Thus, you will explore many architectural tourist attractions of Rabat. Here are among things to do in Rabat:

Hassan Tower

The Ruler, Yaqub Al-Mansour, planned to build the largest minaret and great mosque during the 12th century. However, as the ruler died, the mosque was kept unfinished. The construction was left with only several walls and about 348 columns. It was also damaged by Lison Earthquake in 1755.

Udayas Kasbah

Udayas Kasbah

The fortress is located on a mountain, and it overlooks the ocean. This Kasbah was built during the Almohad era. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in Rabat. Inside the Kasbah, you can admire beautiful Andalusian gardens full of orange trees, palms and flowers. You will also discover the Kasbah Mosque with wonderful architecture. It is the oldest mosque in the city built by Almohad Caliphate in 1050.

Visit the Old Medina

The old Medina is one of the best places you should not miss in every city. The stone-walled Medinas are the first part before the new part of each city. That is to say, it is a great chance to walk through the narrow streets and admire the traditional life. You will also explore a traditional souk that offers a hundred handicrafts. Unlike the new bustling Medinas, the old Medinas present true Moroccan life and a relaxing atmosphere.



Chellah is a medieval fortified Islamic cemetery. It exists on the outskirts of the city on the banks of the Bou Regred River. Besides, it was left in 1154 and then built by Merenid Sultan. These ruins offer a history of Raman and Islam. Thus, you can walk between the remains of the Roman walls and explore the beautifully preserved tombs of Merenid. You can also enjoy the quiet gardens that are now home to a variety of bird species. Thanks to these historical sights and influences, Rabat is one of the World Heritage Sites in Morocco.

Mohammed VI Museum

The National Museum of Antiquities is an excellent treasure of artefacts and exhibitions that reflect Morocco’s rich history for history lovers. The museum features an extensive collection of ancient artefacts that date back thousands of years and come from all parts of the nation. The museum provides a thorough picture of Morocco’s historical period, ranging from Roman mosaics and prehistoric implements to antique jewellery and Islamic art.

King Palace in Rabat
King’s Palace

Many cities in Morocco have a king’s palace. Thus, the Palace in Rabat is the official residence of King Hassan II and the royal family. It is also home to government offices and services of the country. There is no chance to enter it, but you can admire it from a distance.


Rabat Beach

Rabat offers a refreshing coastline to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The city’s beaches, such as Plage de Rabat and Plage des Nations, offer great opportunities for relaxation and recreation. This is the preference to absorb the sun, indulge in the Atlantic, or indulge in water sports. Besides, Rabat promenade is lined with cafes and restaurants where you can walk and taste delicious Moroccan cuisine.

Rabat Zoo

Rabat Zoo

It is an impressive and big zoo. It comprises more than 130 different animals. The outstanding feature of this zoo is that all animals are in simulated environments, like mountains, deserts and rainforest habitats. So, it is a chance to see African animals and enjoy a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Rabat Jewish Quarter/ Mellah

If you are a Jewish traveller, you can visit Rabat Mellah. There, you can find a smaller synagogue just inside Mellah gates. However, the major synagogue in the new city is a few streets away. Also, you can Rabat Jewish cemetery. It contains gravestones with inscriptions in Hebrew, French and Spanish. Shalom Zawi and Eliezer de Avila are notable saints who were there before. Besides, there is the Belghazi Museum that presents a group of Moroccan Judaism. Morocco Jewish tours include Jewish heritage sites around Morocco.

When to visit Rabat?

The best times to visit Rabat are from April to June and from September to November. The weather is pleasant and warm throughout these times, with a range of 20 to 25 °C. Also, the temperate atmosphere makes exploring comfortable.

Rabat in summer will be enjoyable if you enjoy cultural festivals and events. In June, there is the yearly Mawazine World Rhythm Festival. It hosts famous artists from around the world. Additionally, the Rabat International Festival takes place in July and presents traditional Moroccan music, dance and theatre. It provides a fascinating look into the vibrant heritage of the nation. However, it is important to remember that summertime temperatures can reach around 30 °.

Winter in Rabat is relatively mild with lows of 10–18 °C. Winter may be the ideal time to visit Rabat if you want a more relaxing and affordable experience. It is the low tourist season. That is to say, you can explore historical sites without crowds and enjoy the charm of the city.

Where to sleep in Rabat?

Whether you look for luxury or traditional Riads or accommodations that suit your budget, Rabat has all types of hotels and Riad. On Booking.com, you can find a list of Rabat accommodations. You will find ideal places where to rest and near Rabat tourist attractions.

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