Traditional Moroccan Breakfast

traditional Moroccan Breakfast

 Traditional Moroccan breakfast describes the different societies. The main influences of Moroccan food, in general, reflect the Berber, Maghreb, Jewish and Arab cultures. It is a unique food offering flavours that you may not find anywhere else in the world. Moroccans consider breakfast to be an important meal. As in the Moroccan expression, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Typical breakfast in Morocco can also include a variety of hot dishes, such as soups and stews. They may appear to be more appropriate for lunch or dinner. Therefore, here is what you should try in Moroccan breakfast below.

What to eat for Moroccan breakfast

Moroccan mint tea

 Moroccan mint tea is one of the most important popular drinks in all meals, especially for Moroccan breakfast. The drink consists of green tea mixed with mint. You can distinguish it by its wonderful taste and its health benefits. Moroccans usually serve tea in a silvery metal bowl in small luxurious cups. Besides, They pour hot tea into the mug from a distance until it becomes foamy. You can easily make it at home. All you need is gunpowder green tea, fresh mint, and sugar. This is the welcoming tea that tourists have on their Morocco tours

Moroccan Bread

 It is impossible to serve Moroccan breakfast without bread. Locals enjoy dipping bread in Amlou, argan oil, or olive oil. They also can spread it with cheese, butter, jam, or another type of spread. This traditional Moroccan bread is distinguished by its round loaf with a thick crust. In all Moroccan cities, you will see bread sellers on almost every corner. The production process is interesting because locals usually cook in common wood-burning ovens. They have an incredible smell.

Moroccan breakfast eggs

 It is one of the most traditional Moroccan breakfasts. Eggs are a popular type of food that can you can prepare in a variety of ways. Like in other countries, eggs are an important part of Moroccan breakfast. Boiling and frying eggs are two of the most popular methods of preparing eggs. However, they require various traditional recipes.

Moroccan Harsha

 Moroccan Harsha or sweet bread is a traditional round bread. It is among the flatbread that is made of wheat semolina. It is usually baked on a hot thick surface called “Mukalla”. You can also use a regular skillet over low heat. It is more served at breakfast because of its sweetness. Its colour is almost yellow due to the use of a mixture of ground and coarse semolina. Many compare Harsha food with cornbread because they have a similar taste and texture. Moroccans eat this bread for breakfast or as a snack with tea, coffee or milk.

Croissant pan

 There is still a huge French influence in Morocco since its long periods of being a French protectorate. Moroccan families serve ‘chocolate croissants’ for breakfast. However, it is still popular enough to be among Moroccan breakfast recipes. Pancakes are usually eaten with a mixture of honey and butter or jam. The popular jam in Morocco is strawberries and apricot.

Honey, Butter and Olive oil

Honey is an excess of sweet candy. It is enshrined and referred to in the Bible and the Qur’an. Honey is an important part of Moroccan culture and diet, particularly in the Souss region. Because of its natural environment, Morocco is an exceptional place where there is ordinary honey that is free from adulteration. Your Moroccan breakfast should include some fresh honey. It’s the perfect sauce.

 Amlou is a traditional Moroccan dip that is made with almonds, argan oil, and honey. Locals typically consume it for breakfast. Butter is also a typical breakfast dip. In the absence of other ingredients, the same butter serves for breakfast bread. Morocco, like the rest of the Mediterranean region, is a big fan of olive oil. Morocco is the world’s second-largest producer of olive oil after Spain. Moroccans use olive oil in all of their cooking.

Moroccan Msemen

 This is the bread and butter for any typical Moroccan breakfast. This type of Moroccan pancake can be either square or round. It has a unique texture that comes from the way it is delicately rolled and rolled into layers of pastry. You need to eat it hot from the pan. You can have it plain or with toppings of your choice. The traditional method is to dip the Msemen in a mixture of warm butter and honey.


 Baghrir is a spongy bread made with semolina flour. It has numerous air spaces and perforations at the top, giving it a light and fluffy feel. Moroccans only cook it on one side, and all these little holes appear due to the yeast. Bghrir food is also one of the main foods that Moroccans eat for breakfast meal. Hence, you should eat it while still warm and you can eat it with butter and honey for a sweet and savoury flavour.


 Sfenj is one of the fried Moroccan pancakes. In the early morning, Moroccan locals buy them from a local seller. Locals rarely make them at home in the morning, but some families make them in the afternoon. This type of pancake is extremely delightful when the crunchy pudding is still hot


 Bassara is a tasty Moroccan bean dish that may also be served as a dip. Basara is a traditional breakfast dish that is particularly popular in the winter. If you’re not a breakfast person, Bessara is enjoyable and substantial at any other time. Some people prefer thick, while others prefer thin. Besara is traditionally served hot in separate bowls or deep plates. If families prefer it thicker, it can be served in a big shared dish with Moroccan bread. If you want to have a rich taste, you can add pure olive oil, garlic and cumin to it.


 Fruit is also a part of Moroccan breakfasts. It is almost in all breakfast meals, especially in tourist accommodations. Bananas, apples, oranges, and grapes are the most popular breakfast fruits in Morocco. Pomegranates and other types of fruit are also available in their seasons.

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