Moroccan Argan Oil benefits

Moroccan Argan Oil

 Moroccan Argan oil is the source of income for many local Amazigh women in places where these Argan trees grow. These women work in some  Argan Oil Cooperatives to produce Argan oil. They, therefore, do the hard work of harvesting, drying and peeling fruits to produce the kernels. Thereafter, they crush and grind kernels with a hand mill to obtain the oil. This traditional way usually takes 16 hours for a woman to produce one litre of oil, using around 30 kg of Argan nuts.

 The Argan tree, the Berber almond or Argania Spinosa is rare and unique. It grows naturally and only in the arid and semi-arid areas of southwestern Morocco, especially the Sous region. However, it also grows in other countries, such as the Tindouf region in Algeria, the Negev desert, and Wadi Araba in Palestine. Furthermore, Argan trees reach a height of 8-10 meters (26-33 feet) and live up to about 200 years. They are famous for rich oil, which is why it is one of the rarest oils in the world

Types of Moroccan Argan Oil:

 There are two different types of Moroccan argan oil, edible oil and cosmetic oil. In the culinary field, you can use Moroccan Argan oil for food. As a traditional way, you can eat Argan oil by dipping bread. You can also drizzle it on other dishes, like salads or couscous. But, Argan oil is unsuitable for cooking because it cannot be heated. As this oil is produced from roasted seeds, its colour looks golden yellow. In the cosmetic field, Argan oil is used as a hydrating cream for the skin. What differentiates it from edible oil is it is extracted without the need for roasting. The colour of cosmetic Argan oil is a yellowish transparent colour. Here are some other health benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil below:

Moroccan Argan Oil Benefits:

Moroccan Argan oil contains healthy fatty acids, linoleic and oleic fatty acids. Besides, it includes levels of vitamin E and a high amount of oleic acid. Regardless of these fatty acids, Argan oil contains tocopherols steroids, carotenes, phenols and squalene. As it is rich in these elements, it offers health benefits. Hence, it cleans the skin, giving skin smoothness and natural freshness. Also, it eliminates the effects of acne and treats white lines and skin cracks. It activates the vital functions of the skin cells and resists the signs of wrinkles. And it nourishes, softens and protects hair from damage. Finally, it stimulates blood circulation and keeps the heart healthy.

Identifying Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

As everyone knows the benefits of Moroccan Argan oil, many people produce and sell non-authentic argan oil. So, there are several ways to distinguish between pure and non-authentic Argan oil


Moroccan Argan oil is not cheap. It is one of the rarest and most expensive oils in the world. It requires hours of manual work hours and many women when making it. The list of ingredients must be short. It is good quality if it says 100% Argan oil or 100% Argan Spinosa. But, if there is something else on the list, it is better to avoid buying it.


 Do not buy Moroccan Argan oil in light or transparent packages. These packages cannot prevent light from damaging the Argan oil and its quality. Hence, there are fake small companies with no experience in processing Argan oil. They load Argan oil into invalid bottles that destroy the effectiveness of the product. Besides, these companies often use bottles that are not dark because they do not produce the original Argan oil. However, they produce fake and unhealthy oil that is similar to the original Argan kernels.

It is better to buy it from merchants or registered companies that have certificates and permits. Don’t think about buying it from unknown sellers because they may cheat you. By Avoiding that, you need to buy it from reliable places, such as cooperatives where you can see directly how local women produce.


The colour of the pure Moroccan Argan oil is yellowish-golden. In addition to that, it is not slimy or watery. And in case the Argan oil is adulterated, you will find that it does not have any sediments at the bottom of the glass. Thus, it does not provide the expected benefits and properties when you use it. The taste of pure oil is clear with sweetness and good taste. Consuming it for the first time may make you feel a headache because it has a strong effect. Another thing is that when you apply it to your skin, it is easily absorbed.

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