Waterfalls in Morocco

waterfalls in Morocco

 Waterfalls in Morocco offer spectacular nature. It is one of the reasons that lead tourists from different countries to travel to Morocco. Furthermore, during thalassotherapy treatments, anyone can experience incredible pleasure in their body. Water activities and fishing are other gifts from the Mediterranean. The colourful photographs can also be brought back from waterfalls, which are worth seeing if you are travelling to Morocco. Some of the Moroccan waterfalls have swimming pools. They are ideal for cooling off after long treks on hot days, while others are panoramic marvels to be appreciated from afar.

Waterfalls to visit in Morocco

 Many people identify Morocco in North Africa with deserts, beaches, and busy souks. However, Morocco also has some beautiful cascades. Thus, these are the most famous Moroccan waterfalls. Many tourists include them on their Moroccan tours. If you enjoy waterfalls or you are interested in exploring more of Morocco’s natural characteristics, here are some of the finest waterfalls to explore in Morocco:

Waterfall Ouzoud

 The Ouzoud waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls near Marrakech. They are almost in the centre of Morocco in the Middle Atlas. Moreover, they are the most spectacular in all of North Africa due to their 110-meter drop. You can visit them and take a bath there even in the summer because they are fed by the High Atlas mountains. That is to say, they keep a fairly constant flow throughout the year. You can get to this amazing place from the olive plantation. From these trees, there is a path that will lead tourists directly to the waterfall. This, of course, was the first to be noticed by the locals, who nicknamed the waterfall in honour of “olive trees”.

 The top floor at the bottom offers the best viewpoint for viewing the Ouzoud waterfalls. It wouldn’t even take you 20 minutes to get there if you walked quietly from where you parked your car. The best place to view the Ouzoud waterfalls is on the terrace. Without a doubt, you can take the best pictures of the area from there. Even a rainbow at noon is possible if the sun cooperates with you. There is a day trip from Marrakech to Ouzoud. But, there are also grand tours that include a day trip to Ouzoud waterfalls, such as 15 days tour from Tangier

Setti Fadma Waterfalls

 The village of Ste Fatima is a small village known for its seven waterfalls. it is located 70 km from Marrakech in the Ourika Valley which is a beautiful green site where floods descend from the Atlas Mountains. The district of Seti Fatima has several advantages that have made it compete with global regions in terms of its beauty and natural diversity. Besides, it has greatly contributed to attracting tourists from different parts of the world for their enjoyment and learning about these different features. All that exists together in one place. You should include it in the waterfalls in Morocco list.

Waterfall Akchur

 Akchour waterfall is one of the famous waterfalls in Morocco in the north. It is located in the Rif Mountains. This is one of the common waterfalls in the north of Morocco. Any tourist can visit it by car directly from Chefchaouen or Tangier. After sitting in the car, outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy relaxing by mountain biking around this waterfall or simply taking a walk. Compared to the Ouzoud waterfalls near Marrakech, these series of waterfalls are much quieter and less popular. Therefore, If you are a traveller looking for something out of the ordinary, this could be your day excursion. In summary, Akchour and the God’s Bridge is a secret treasure. If you also enjoy being outside in nature, you can find swimming holes, waterfalls, and paths there.

Waterfall Imuzer

 This is another place that waterfall lovers must visit is Imuzer. These waterfalls have beautiful scenery that combines verdant vegetation and stone rocks. Many nature admirers are attracted to go there on excursions for camping trips. There are also many olive trees around here. Locals love to dive into this waterfall from a height of 12 meters. The main thing to remember is that the waterfall opens in full glory from February to August. Therefore, you can get access to the waterfalls through the valley on foot.

The Oum Rabia Falls

 The Oum Rabia Falls is 140 kilometres away from Fez. The falls are 50 km from the Middle Atlas mountain range. With hypnotic reddish cliffs, it is impressive to see this waterfall whose waters fall into the river that reflects its name. Many tourist trips lead to these beautiful waterfalls. They also include large numbers of water springs around them. Oum Rabia Falls is the main water source. It is one of the largest rivers and wonderful waterfalls in Morocco.

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